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Tris torroncini soft


Tris of soft nougat with almonds and honey assorted in 3 different flavours

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Tris of soft nougat nougat assorted with almonds and honey

The soft nougat was made in collaboration with important international chefs. It is a speciality based on Sicilian orange honey poured on egg white and then cooked very slowly in bain-marie for over four hours.

At the end of cooking, toasted and calibrated Sicilian almonds of a sweet and rounded variety are added to the mixture.
The mixture is laid by hand on wooden moulds covered with wafers and manually spatulated in layers to maintain frothiness and softness.

The wafers are spread by hand over the dough with the help of an ancient wooden level.

The package is a pleasant taste of our range of nougat nougat: it includes a coffee nougat, an orange nougat and one covered with dark chocolate.

The soft coffee nougat is prepared by mixing both coffee powder and espresso coffee for an intense and unmistakable taste.

The orange nougat is made with freshly candied orange peel, while the covered nougat is combined with a dark chocolate with 56% cocoa.


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Weight60 g
Dimensions15 × 2 × 10 cm


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