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Nougat Limited Edition with almonds, orange honey and Sechuan pepper.


Nougat Limited Edition with almonds, orange honey and Sechuan pepper.

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Nougat with almonds, orange honey and Sechuan pepper limited edition

This limited is made with the precious single-flower Italian orange honey collected in the Ribera Plain (where the famous Washington Navel Orange is cultivated), in natural environments.
With an intense smell, similar to that of flowers, orange honey has a fresh orange blossom aroma, with a tendency towards fruitiness and a straw yellow colour.

To the honey is added at the end of cooking Sechuan pepper (which takes its name from the region where it was originally grown), a small berry obtained from plants of the Zanthoxylum family, used in Asia as a spice. The inner seeds are discarded and the shells containing them are used.

Sechuan pepper does not have a pungent taste like pepper or chili pepper: after the hot pepper it has a light lemon or orange aroma and leaves a sensation in the mouth of numbness. The spicy flavour recommends the use of an almond with a harmonious, coarse and slightly bitter taste.

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MANDORLE, miele, zucchero semolato, sciroppo di glucosio, ABUME D’UOVO, PEPE DI SECHUAN 0,1% vaniglia, cialda (fecola di patate, acqua).
Non contiene conservanti, coloranti, aromi. Prodotto senza glutine. Può contenere tracce di altra frutta secca in guscio.


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