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Nougat nougat bar with almonds covered with dark chocolate


Tablet of nougat with almonds and honey only 6 mm thick

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Nougat bar with almonds and honey covered with fine dark chocolate

A new way of consuming suitable both for individual tasting and in catering as a garnish for sweet and savoury dishes and in combination with cheese or ice cream.
An innovative ultrasonic cutting technology applied to the artisan almond almond has made it possible to create this new line of products.
The almond is spatulated in layers in wooden containers to maintain softness and friability. The confectionery is then wrapped in a soft wafer and before it cools down it is cut into very thin slices 6 mm thick.

The tablets are individually wrapped and packaged, so that they can be enjoyed with the family or as a quick snack during the day. In addition to presenting an aesthetically pleasing section, the tablets are so thin that they melt in the mouth. Also the mixture of this nougat is particular, because to the brown sugar is added a mixture of Italian honeys different from the classic and slightly balsamic one.

The tablet has a quantity of almonds over 40%, clearly visible from the cutting section and is presented in an original envelope-shaped package.

The dark chocolate used is very pure and contains a percentage of 63% cocoa with caramelized hints.

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Weight180 g
Dimensions22 × 13 × 1 cm

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