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Nougat dragees in a case


Almond nougat dragees in a case

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Nougat nougat dragees with almonds in a case

For chocolate lovers, the Scaldaferro family has selected some of the best dark chocolates in the world to create a line of coatings. First of all, they looked for a chocolate characterized by balance, not too bitter, with a percentage of cocoa not exceeding 66%, so that the aroma does not overwhelm the honey-rich mixture.

The chocolate chosen is very pure, with no added fats: only cocoa, cocoa butter and cane sugar worked without haste, without colouring or preservatives.
The chocolates used have slightly fruity notes, sometimes tobacco or fine woods, are neither acidic nor particularly fatty and harmonize with the mixture of honeys used in the Scaldaferro almond cake. The scent released by the chocolate recalls the fresh growing undergrowth and has persistent caramelized notes, marrying perfectly with the almonds contained in the sweets.

On the palate, the chocolate leaves a clean, crisp, broad and fruity taste, full and clean.

Dragees are small almond nougat sugared almonds covered with 63% dark chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa powder.
They are here contained in a small case.


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Weight150 g
Dimensions8 × 5 × 3 cm


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