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Fave di cacao
Cubo torrone al cioccolato
Fave di cacao

Chocolate nougat cube


Monoportions of crumbly almond nougat laid by hand in characteristic flakes and covered with very fine dark chocolate with a percentage of 65% cocoa.

The chocolate is very pure, with no added fats: only cocoa, cocoa butter and cane sugar processed without dyes or preservatives.

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N. 5 single portions of almond nougat covered with dark chocolate in a cube shaped case.

The chocolate used by Torronificio Scaldaferro di Dolo for the production of chocolate nougat is composed only of butter and cocoa mass, without the addition of other fats, other colorants, thickeners or other chemical additives, for a final result able to preserve intact the organoleptic qualities of the raw materials.

Cocoa from various regions of South America with very different hints are used, either in purity or using a blend of different chocolates to enhance the honey in the mixture.

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Weight170 g
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm


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